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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Below you can find, most of these questions which you may have in your mind -

How Do I Download Torrent ?

Type the name of the file you want to download in input box, select the server and click on Pirate Search or search icon. Now, decide which file you want to download and click on Magnet icon or Download link under Magnet column. You need to have an app which supports Torrent file for downloading. Few of the best applications we would suggest you are - utorrent, bittorrent and Flud.

Why Torrent file is not available ?

We have multiple servers that index data from different regions from all over the world, due to unavailability of data at one server, you may get this error, but you are always allowed to try different server to get the best you desire.

Movie released today, but it is not here

We request you to wait for 2-3 days to get a good quality file you desire from us. It may take a while to get the data updated on servers.

Do I need to use VPN to download torrents ?

No, to download torrents from The Pirate Bay, you just need one of the above mentioned application in your device.

Why it is loading too much ?

Sometimes, due to huge incoming request to our host server, you may face speed issues. But we assure you that you will get the results in the least loading time possible.